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About AGORA Solar

What does AGORA mean

AGORA describes a place of community and gathering. It symbolizes the central place where social life takes place. 

Through the aesthetics of our solar modules, we aim to encourage the creation of modern architecturally appealing constructions, creating areas of community where power is intelligently supplied. 

Our Target

Our mission is to enrich the world with aesthetic solar modules. Self-sufficient electricity production is essential in the face of dramatically advancing climate change. We want to make our contribution to a green world, where power is supplied in a simple and at the same time aesthetic way. On this way we need you as a partner with a sense for the future.

dettaglio posizionamento celle.jpg
Excellence and professionalism

Our module production line meets the highest standards. We work closely with market-leading partners who equip our plant with the most advanced machinery. 

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